Removing Layers of Sealer From Quarry Tiles

Not too long ago, I was called up to the harbour town and seaside resort of Ilfracombe, situated on the North Devon coast. Ilfracombe is a historic area within Devon, with the Celts having first settled on its hilly plains during the Iron Age.

My client asked me to take a look at a Quarry tiled floor which was in need of a serious amount of cleaning. This largely due to the fact that there were dozens of layers of old sealer on the floor which had been left untouched from many years previously, as well as a significant build-up of general dirt and muck.

Cleaning a Quarry tiled floor

In order to give this floor a thorough cleaning, I needed to use a strong combination of products, namely NanoTech HBU Remover mixed with Tile Doctor Remove & Go. Nanotech HBU is a heavy build-up remover which uses nano-sized particles to penetrate below tough stains, and lift them out of the stone, whilst Remove & Go is a multi-purpose stripper that provided additional help in removing the many layers of sealer left on the floor. I applied the solution to the floor and left it to dwell for 40 minutes, before using a Polybrush to work it into the Quarry tiles.

Quarry Tiled Floor During Cleaning in Ilfracombe

Since the floor really was in dire need of a deep clean after years of neglect, I also used a black buffing pad attached to a buffing machine, as well as a steam machine to make sure I removed as much of the old sealer and dirt as possible. This was slow and painstaking work, but it was worth it to get the Quarry tiles back to looking their best again. Once this was complete, I rinsed the floor several times before leaving it for a few days to dry before sealing.

Sealing a Quarry tiled floor

On my return visit, the floor was dry enough to commence sealing. It was important that the floor was dry and any excess moisture had evaporated because it has the potential to compromise the sealer as it cures leading to unexpected results. My sealer of choice was Tile Doctor Seal & Go, a sealer which is suitable for use on internal unsealed, porous surfaces including textured Quarry, Slate, Victorian tile and several others. I carefully applied several coats allowing each coat to dry before applying the next to provide a subtle low-sheen finish that will help protect the surface from stains in the future.

Quarry Tiled Floor Cleaned and Sealed in Ilfracombe

The results were excellent, especially considering that the floor had evidently not been treated to a proper clean for many years.
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