Quarry Tiles – Cleaning and Sealing

A classic hard wearing tile often utilised in high traffic areas such as reception areas and also often used for outdoor patio areas and porches. Although hard wearing Quarry tiles are often neglected and hidden under years of grime, however all is not lost they can be restored, see below for details.

Quarry Tile Before - showing tar on floor Quarry Tile Floor After Restoration
A Quarry Tile Floor restored by Tile Doctor

Quarry Tile Maintenance

To remove any excess sealer before cleaning use Tile Doctor Remove & Go Sealer remover.Use Tile Doctor Pro-Clean Tile & Grout cleaner to effectively clean tiles, highly effective against Wax Sealers, Grease, Grime and general dirt build up.

For difficult floors mix Pro-Clean with Nanotech Ultra Clean for a double whammy cleaning solution. Nanotech-Ultra Clean incorporates Nano technology to help lift the dirt from the tiles (it really works), especially useful for those hard to clean floors where the dirt has ingrained itself over many years.

Remove any cleaning solution using a wet-dry vac machine (any cleaning solution left on the surface may impact the performance of the sealer) then neutralise floor with clean water prior to sealing, remove with a wet-dry Vac machine and allow to dry for 12 hours or more.

For a low sheen finish apply Tile Doctor Seal & Go sealer using a paintpad applicator and tray. 4 to 5 coats of sealant may be required, always allow to dry before applying furhter coats. Use a water test to achieve full cure sealability (F.C.S.).

Most sealers break down after 2-3 years (depending on usage and cleaning products used) so for regular cleaning use a sealer friendly cleaning product such as Neutral Tile Cleaner which has been especially formulated for the regular cleaning of Sealed Stone and Tile surfaces keeping them fresh with a pleasant mint scent.

Tile Doctor Remove & Go Tile and Adhesive Remover
Tile Doctor Pro-Clean
Nanotech Ultra-Clean
Tile Doctor Seal & Go Sealer

Quarry Tile Problem? Click here to Ask the Tile Doctor for his advice.

Maintaining a Victorian Quarry Tiled School Floor in Northamptonshire
Quarry Tiles Cleaned Applying Sealer in 2012 Victorian Quarry Tile After Maintenance Oundle School in 2017

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Red and Black Quarry Tiled Kitchen Floor Covered in Screed Before Cleaning in Mobberly Red and Black Quarry Tiled Kitchen Floor After Cleaning and Sealing in Mobberly
Old Quarry Tiled Farmhouse Kitchen Floor Rejuvenated in Devon
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Quarry Tiled Floor Oxford Before Restoration Quarry Tiled Floor Oxford After Restoration
Restoring old Church Steps in Gloucestershire
Old Quarry Tiled Church Steps Before Cleaning Tewkesbury Old Quarry Tiled Church Steps During Cleaning Tewkesbury
Deep Cleaning a Quarry Tiled Porch
Quarry Tiled Porch Before Cleaning in Moreton-in-Marsh Quarry Tiled Porch After Restoration in Moreton-in-Marsh
Victorian and Quarry Tiled Floors Restored
Black and Red Quarry Tiled Dining Room Before Cleaning in Shrewsbury Black and Red Quarry Tiled Dining Room After Sealing in Shrewsbury
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Quarry Tiles in Hale Before Cleaning Quarry Tiles in Hale After Cleaning
18th Century Quarry Tile Renovation
Old Quarry Tiles Before Cleaning Hemel Hempstead Farmhouse Old Quarry Tiles After Cleaning Hemel Hempstead Farmhouse
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Quarry Tiles Refurbishment Worcestershire Farm Quarry Tiles Refurbishment Worcestershire Farm
Heavily Soiled Quarry Tiles Deep Cleaned and Sealed
Quarry tiles before cleaning Bedford Quarry tiles after cleaning and sealing Bedford
Stained Quarry Tiled Porch Cleaned and Sealed
Quarry tiled porch before cleaning Middleton Quarry tiled porch after sealing Middleton